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Behind the Pen: A Writer’s Journey with Paulette Jackson – Jazz in Europe

The world of jazz (and music) journalism is a competitive struggle at times, particularly for women looking to break the mould and find a name for themselves in a historically male-dominated industry. Despite this, there are plenty of women who have successfully navigated their writing and journalistic careers, embarking on different paths and timelines to get where they want to be. Women in Jazz Media have been exploring the stories and experiences of several female music writers, who have been

The Grace Fox Big Band - Eleven O’ Seven

This album is a sensational example of how the younger generation is rejuvenating the jazz scene today. 19-year-old Grace Fox takes on the traditional sounds of the big-band era and combines them with modern instrumental technology and incredibly complex arrangements. The young student brought together 17 female musicians across America (who had a growing social media presence) and founded The Grace Fox Big Band. Fox was struggling with the gender disparity that was present both within a univer

Esther Bennett: Home Is Definitely Where the Art Is!

Esther Bennett is renowned and respected in the UK jazz scene, known for her charismatic and quirky performance style and distinctive vocal spark. Her newest release touches on her Birmingham roots, as well as her family connections and musical inspirations. After listening to this compilation of jazz standards, spoken word and original compositions, I felt drawn to ask her more about her overall creative process and what led her to take her chosen artistic route… Firstly, what led you to start

Laura Impallomeni at the EFG London Jazz Festival – Jazz in Europe

London-based trombonist and composer, Laura Impallomeni is set to take the stage at this year’s EFG London Jazz Festival alongside Women in Jazz Media. Anticipating her exhilarating performance with her own quintet, I wanted to have a chat and get more of an idea of the kind of music she would be playing, along with how her musical journey has led her to this impressive point in her career… Firstly, how does it feel to be performing at the London Jazz Festival? I’m so excited and honoured to b

Esther Bennett- Home is Where the Art Is

Esther Bennett is known as ‘one of the jazz scene’s most experienced, highly respected and widely loved vocalists.’ She began her impressive career as a saxophonist studying in London but turned to singing when she struggled to keep up with the instrumentalists around her. Bennett followed her calling, and since has become one of the most in-demand vocalists on the London jazz scene, and nationally. After several memorable releases and projects that explore Bennett’s range of abilities and influ

Iconic Female Drummers - Women In Jazz

Women in jazz may have been under-represented in the history books, but things are quite rightly changing. In this article, writer Isabel Marquez highlights a selection of the best female drummers, both from past eras and the modern jazz scene. Of course, the list could go on, so feel free to use the comments section at the end! The drums are one of the main instruments that exist under clear gender stereotypes and categorization. Compared to the number of women who take up the drums, the she

Interview with Migdalia Van Der Hoven | London Jazz Festival Preview

Mexico’s ‘Woman of the Year’ for arts and culture Migdalia Van Der Hoven is set to perform for a second year in a row at the EFG London Jazz Festival. The award-winning drummer presents her dynamic quartet ‘The Migdalia Van Der Hoven Quartet’, set to perform a combination of contemporary and original tunes, drawn mainly from the jazz fusion style. I was keen to have a chat with her prior to her performance, to get an insight into her musical repertoire, her career highlights, and her relations

"I couldn’t escape from my own story. So, I wrote it down" - An interview W/ Daniella Binyamin

Singer-songwriter Daniella Binyamin has been writing songs for as long as she can remember, with it becoming a way to calibrate the chaos in her mind and heart. From Sweden and the Middle East, Binyamin comes from two worlds, in some ways, becoming more whole when writing her music. After writing songs for the likes of Zara Larsson and Lukas Graham, Binyamin released her debut single ‘Grand Hotel’, which was well-received by both the press and her audience. From this, her releases have become mo

Indie Post Punk outfit, Gardening, combine dark tension with dreamy euphoria in new single 'Relapse'

Following their previous release ‘1977’, London’s Indie Rock, Post-Punk outfit ‘Gardening’ are back with their newest single, ‘Relapse’. Coming together in 2019, the band used the downtime of the pandemic to emotionally connect and return to the music scene with a refreshed sense of style. The band take us on an emotional rollercoaster throughout ‘Relapse’, with its angry lyrics and contrasting instrumentation and textures. The song begins with muted drums, energetic rhythmic guitar, and subdue

Norwegian duo, Ask Carol, delve deep into all corners of Rock on their new album 'AC I: Control You'

Norwegian alt-rock duo Ask Carol are back with their post-pandemic album, 'AC I: Control You'. Recorded in the Covid lockdown, the duo used this time to re-invent their sound, returning to the music scene with an eclectic and cinematic Rock album. Each track takes the listener through a range of emotions, driven by melancholic and dramatic lyrics, gritty guitar motifs and haunting vocal lines. The duo’s expansive style draws from all over the genre spectrum, from Classic to Psychedelic Rock, as

Sister Jack channels 90s Grunge and 80s Post-Punk in gloomy new single 'Come Apart'

Independent artist and producer Sister Jack is back for the second time this year with his follow-up single ‘Come Apart’. The Seattle-based musician produces all of his work on a computer in his bedroom with a just few guitars by his side. The gritty and raw production contributes to his Post-Punk sound, along with his exploration of other similar genres: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, and perhaps even Grunge revival. This track is both gloomy and energetic, through its prominent basslines and r

Phoebe Go teases her upcoming EP with beautifully intimate new single 'Hey'

Australian singer-songwriter Phoebe Go has further launched her solo career with her hauntingly beautiful new single ‘Hey’. She has also announced the release date of her upcoming EP 'Player' which is due on October 28th. After being part of several band projects throughout her teenage years (Snakadaktal) and her mid-twenties (Two People), Phoebe Go has started to find her way as a solo artist, with a string of single releases. In her own words, it’s her "solo mission". ‘Hey’ is a dedication t

Swedish Indie outfit Glyy make their debut with slick, summer single 'Dior'

As we’re nearing the end of the summer season, Glyy’s recent release ‘Dior’ is a song to keep summer going into the colder months. With its lively instrumentation and feel-good vibes, ‘Dior’ is an exciting debut single which introduces listeners to the groovy music of Glyy. This self-published and multi-instrumentalist group from Stolkholm and Uppsala in Sweden seek to combine Indie Pop and Neo Soul to create distinctive and memorable pop music. The band’s members include Alex Band (guitar), Dan

Female Trumpet Players - An Essential Listening Guide

Across the spectrum of musical instruments, it’s perhaps female brass players who have been most under-represented in jazz history. In this article, writer Isabel Marquez looks at a selection of iconic female trumpet players, old and new, for your listening collections. The trumpet has long been considered an instrument with masculine connotations. Its distinct militaristic tradition, for example, put the instrument in the hands of the men who went to war, while women stayed at home. Furtherm

Women in Jazz Media at The EFG London Jazz Festival 2022 – Jazz in Europe

It is once again the time of year when jazz lovers and observers everywhere are preparing for the excitement of the EFG London Jazz Festival. This November, from the 17th to the 20th, Women in Jazz Media are putting on several unmissable events, in partnership with the Jazz Views ‘Women Who Inspire‘ series, which are sure to delight all those who attend. Women in Jazz Media are a Parliamentary Jazz Award-winning organisation that thrives to ensure diversity and equality in today’s jazz world, up

All-Female Ensembles & Their Importance in Today’s Jazz Scene – Jazz in Europe

The growing number of all-female ensembles in today’s jazz world is something that has been greatly admired by many female (and male) musicians in the business. The overwhelming success of groups like ‘Nérija’, ‘The MOSAIC Project’, ‘The DIVA Orchestra’, ‘Maqueque’, Monika Herzig’s ‘Sheroes’ and ‘Artemis’ is a giant step forward for women in jazz. Of course, being able to see women playing together and becoming successful as a female unit is extremely exciting, but various musicians have also la

Mélanie Centenero: An eclectic combination of science and jazz… – Jazz in Europe

French drummer Mélanie Centenero is set to launch her solo career with her multi-faceted debut album: Théorie de l’Ensemble. With its colourful musicality, thrilling fusions and poetic melodies, the album connects us with Centenero’s musical journey, from biophysics to jazz. Her refreshing sonic palette explores various stories and emotions, which I was keen to learn more about in conversation with her… When did you first realise jazz drumming was what you wanted to do? I guess I never really

CD Review: Onwards, Asha Parkinson’s Kalpadruma – Jazz in Europe

The Kalpadruma Collective was founded in 2017 by Asha Parkinson, an up-and-coming young musician and composer looking to cross genre boundaries and diversify the styles of jazz she grew up playing. A source of great inspiration for the group can be linked to the concept of ‘Kalpadruma’ itself; a mythological and divine tree which grants all life’s desires. The collective explores connections between Arabic, Turkish, Indian, contemporary classical and jazz music, collaborating with the likes of
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